Zero Waste Periods

PERIOD BETTER with Thinx Underwear and Menstrual Cups! Continue reading Zero Waste Periods

Autumn Moon

What inspires youth be creative? My motivation comes from the land, the sky, the forest, and earth. I have to thank my woodland creature instincts for drawing me towards the wild places in the wilderness. Continue reading Autumn Moon

What Is It?!

Travel isn’t always the best of times. It actually is quite challenging especially as a solo traveler. As I trek this world there are difficult periods when I do get homesick and feel lonely. About 90% is fun, but there is a 10% that weighs heavy from time to time. So here is a journal entry I wrote when I hit an emotional breakdown while I was on the Galápagos Islands. It was the few days I literally was alone for the first time during my whole South American trip and it hit me like a brick wall. Writing out my turmoil was the one thing that kept me sane. Continue reading What Is It?!